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As a meeting and show place, the Centre Bell offers a wide range of world-class installations and services.

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Try one of our special event configurations on for size. The Centre Bell has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Whatever size event you have planned, count on it being a success at Montreal’s Centre Bell. This multifunctional structure -- the most modern amphithéâtre in North America today -- can be reconfigured in record time thanks to technologically advanced, computer-controlled equipment and the best setup crews in the business. With 150 heavy-duty moorings already in place, you can also easily install tennis, basketball, circus and other equipment for your event at the Centre Bell.

The windlass and columns used to reconfigure the facility are mounted on rolling transoms integrated in the roof's 110-foot by 225-foot (31 m x 69 m) technical grid, a structure measurably larger than the 85-foot by 200-foot (26 m x 61 m) regulation National Hockey League ice surface area below. The roof frame will support up to 150,000 lb (68,000 kg) of lighting and other equipment. That's 75 tons up above to go with whatever event you've got below!

The system makes show preparations a snap no matter what you need to put on stage. The mammoth seven-story-high black velvet curtain used to section off the various configurations can be erected by the Centre Bell setup crew in under 60 minutes. The curtain required more than 10 km. -- that's six miles of 54-inch [119 cm] fabric -- to create.

Performers also give the Centre Bell layout high marks, with their own private access to the parking area leading directly to the Loges and backstage area. The Green Room, next to the Loges, makes it easy for stars and promoters to receive guests and members of the media in a secure, comfortable surrounding.

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